Gucci Cat Lock Bag Replica

Gucci replica handbags can be so catchy sometimes. Even if they are some of the most demanded purses on the replica market, still there are so many rip offs which are able to be purchased even by mistake. Well, I have to say that for some reason I ordered myself a Gucci Cat Lock Bag Replica a couple of weeks ago from our website. Our website has the same engine as Ebay or Amazon. You might have heard of it. And the website itself is not the one to blame if you get ripped off, but still I had the curiosity of trying something "basic".

Well, I have to say my expectations were pretty high since this bag is not such a complicated model. Nothing complex going on over there, therefore it should be easy to replicate. And I'll admit I'm pretty satisfied with this bag, even though there are some negative aspects to it as well.

Before sharing the pictures I'd like to add that the website itself is pretty well designed. No problem in finding your desired product and it's pretty easy to contact the seller and ask him anything. Nonetheless, the only disadvantage, as found on every similar platform, is the return/refund policy. Which is decided by the seller, you depend on him, or else you can report him. Anyway, if you had a problem with the product and he wouldn't accept the refund, I don't see how a report would help you. But hey, it's not my case currently.

Hence let's take a look at this bag and see if it's worth the 250$ I paid for it.

The only problem I found about it would be the front logo. Which, as you can see, is not the best Gucci logo. And as I said earlier, since Soho Disco is one of the simplest Gucci Soho bag replica I was expecting a little bit more effort put behind the most important part of the bag. But to be honest, it's not such a huge problem, just a bit crooked.

The second sad part of it would be the hardware, which originally has a light gold color and this Gucci Cat Lock Bag Replica one is a bit too yellow. But again, is not such a big deal if you ask me.

The rest of the bag looks pretty nice, the interior has a nice and soft material and the leather quality is also good. Also the embossed stamps inside of the bag look surprisingly good. I must say I was not expecting it to look this good.

Anyway, I have to say I'm more than pleased with this bag. And is one of the best Gucci replica handbags I've ordered by now, As far as price quality ratio concerned, I would recommend this platform but still you need to take in consideration the return/refund policy, which is not necessarily in the buyer's advantage.