Gucci Replica Collection

Celebs at home and abroad dragged out their favorite Gucci bags last week, whether they were hot off the runway or several seasons old. Gucci is enjoying massive success with its latest lines of shoes and handbags, and we have to wonder which storied fashion house will have this sort of mini-renaissance next. Will it be Versace, perhaps? And what's going on with Versace, exactly? The brand's bags always end up in the right hands, gucci collection replica but they never quite seem to win over the hearts and minds of the general designer bag-loving public.

Meanwhile, across the pond, Madonna was spotted carrying this brand new gucci collection 2016 at Heathrow Airport. This bag is a collab with a graffiti artist (appropriately) named Gucci Ghost, and it appeared in Gucci's Fall 2016 runway collection. As you might suspect, it is not in stores yet.

Finally, we have Tara Reid, heading into The Nice Guy with a brand new Gucci Padlock GG Supreme Bag. I'm glad to see she's spending all of her Sharknado money on solid investment pieces.

As I was saying, I walked into the Gucci store to look around and my eye was gucci collection bags immediately and irresistably drawn to this on the shelf behind the very friendly and pleasant SA. I have a thing for handheld totes in this design. Its not only very practical - no space wastage and the soft leather means you can fit a lot in there if you have to - its also very classic and will not go out of style.

The other thing I particularly liked about this specific design is that there was no logo gucci collection 2015. None to be seen anywhere on the bag. The only thing that tells you the brand is the little tab embossed with the brand name near the zipper, and the green and red stripe down the middle, which is the signature Gucci stripes. That's it! If you didn't know what that meant, gucci replica it was pretty must just another bag and I loved that anonymity.