Gucci Sylvie Bag Replica

Luxury, sexy, proud, with a trace of rock flavor, the words used to describe GUCCI, really the most fitting. This timeless brand, experienced ups and downs, and now again stood top of fashion. Forget the past, immersed now, this Gucci Sylvie Bag Replica season's GUCCI aura overflowing, like a re-blooming geraniums, floating overflowing, themselves in fragrance, let the girls indulge endless.

Since Alessandro Michele became creative director of Gucci, the brand's style obviously younger signs outside evaluation is very good, to absorb a number of new fans. In addition to clothing series, handbag series equally impressive, including Gucci Dionysus Bag become more fashion people chasing sticks it bag, shot in the street in a high visibility, and the new season Gucci Sylvie Bag or will become a chasing sticks another bag! Although Gucci Sylvie Bag shape with Dionysus Bag somewhat similar, it is all the same boxy, but feel more retro. Another common feature is the addition of leather strap material, the more ribbons style, make more distinctive handbags, and body bags gold chain design further make retro feel even more prominent. If you intend to start the season a Gucci bag, this is indeed a good choice.

The house has a number of symbolic elements, the Gucci Sylvie Bag price has been conceived as a microcosm of a modern update of the famous brand Gucci code for the idea.

Sylvie is a "forest", is not through with this word can imagine a kind of woman, calm and smart, gentle and smart, like a spirit beautiful forest. Coupled with the "ribbon" is feminine setting, as well as the Gucci Sylvie Bag review itself was filled with vintage feeling, do not fire all justified!

Therefore, the use of Sylvie known Gucci spoke, with a unique decorative chain with spring clasp, that confidence by bourgeois style details herein. House theme pages show the details of a chain of wool inserted beneath - two decorative elements, hardware and software combination for this neat, structured handbags create distinctive signature.

Square, slightly shiny leather, red and green strips, ribbons, stars, as well as new Gucci Sylvie shoulder Bag large areas of printing, which would have put together a mess, perhaps even eight pole hit the elements of the design in all new GUCCI It can be combined, mixed out of this very special beauty.