Gucci Tian Bag Replica

The new Gucci how beautiful it is, how literature and art, we have insight into, like Gucci latest floral pattern, Gucci Tian Bag Replica. Colorful, flourishing, but not only good, but also beautiful and elegant atmosphere!

2016 spring and summer fashion show on men and women, Gucci launched Gucci Tian first portrait series. The series presents a new modern floral pattern, inspired by traditional Chinese Paradise sights and 18th century tapestries and screen design.

Gucci Tian family includes a full range of men and women, from clothing, handbags, shoes, wallets, key cases, card package, envelope bag, to silk scarves, shawls and scarves and other accessories.

You should be able to see the name guess Gucci Tian relationship with oriental culture. Such a beautiful new Gucci pattern naturally not forget placed on the bag. However, the new Gucci iconic Bacchus package can not Tian series of patterns, put gucci tian gg supreme tote pattern is the same for the chain bag Padlock small lock bag!

Gucci Tian Bag Replica

Gucci Tian series floral patterns in bird fleas as the theme, including dragonflies, butterflies and hummingbirds. The image of animals and plants use light and lively performance style, and create a three-dimensional perspective.

A large bird fleas has become a piece of embellishment on the bag, it becomes exotic, so vivid and charming with a classic pattern background pattern and the large square head lock, which is called collision.

The new floral print used on GGSupreme material, the use of laser printing, the iconic double G pattern and floral patterns stacked Tian intertwined, showing a very artistic visual effects.

Gucci in the early spring series also introduced a new color or other pattern Padlock Bag: lifelike bee pattern, tiger pattern vivid, pure gold embossed leather, or simply fight classic red canvas. If you're looking for a Gucci Tian Collection bag that has a meaning, then you're on the right spot.